Meet Brody!

Brody’s Barkey was started in a small kitchen in New York City out of a love for cooking all natural treats for Brody, a loving Morkie pup who just loves to eat snacks! When we saw how much happier and healthier Brody was from eating natural foods, we wanted to share the love, and Brody’s Barkery was born.

We strive to help dog owners like you treat your pup to inventive, high-quality, delicious treats that make every moment sweeter.

Why Brody’s Barkery?

Always All-Natural

We believe in using fresh, all-natural ingredients of the highest quality available. No artificial colors or flavors here, folks. Only simple recipes, fresh ingredients, and lots of flavor that even the pickiest pooch is sure to love.

Proud to be Made by Hand…and Paw

Treats on an industrial scale is not our thing. Brody’s treats are made by hand in small batches in real ovens, with Brody nearby ready to approve every batch. This guarantees that our treats are as fresh as possible when they arrive at your door.

Treating Should be Fun!

While we take our treats super seriously, we also think it’s important to have fun with your pup! That’s why we are always working to infuse our brand with original ideas and flavors, so that you have as much fun treating your pup as they do enjoying them. Trust us, they want you to have fun too!